Wall Protection Systems offer solutions to problems that occur to the walls and doors both within buildings and external buildings.

Used selectively in "problem area", they incorporate durability, functionality and enhanced the value of the interior.

Recommended places for use include hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, airports, restaurants, shopping centres and factories.

Places that are with high traffic and subject to damage by wheelchairs, trolleys, chairs and carts are highly recommended to install wall protection systems.

From Corner Guards, Wall Guards and Handrails to Rigid Vinyl Impact Sheets and Wallcovering, we have the right products to meet your specific needs.

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Industrial Bumper Guards

Industrial Bumper Guards, manufactured from natural rubber reinforced with high tensile strength, which are resistant to ultra-violet light aging, seawater, and abrasion.

Designed to provide maximum protection against direct impact under extreme conditions, they are most suitable for use in places such as loading bay, carparks, columns and marine docks for maximum surface protection.